January 15, 2012:Issue 208

This Week's News:
Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Receives Nominations from Visual Effects Society [TLC]
Steven Spielberg Recalls His Early Involvement with the Harry Potter films[TLC]
Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Wins Four People's Choice Awards[TLC]
Tom Felton to Voice Digital Guide for WB Studio Tour Movies[TLC]
MTV Rough Cut Interview with Daniel Radcliffe, SNL Promos[TLC]
Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Nominated for Blockbuster of the Year at British Film Awards[TLC]
Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter's Adventures" by Karen Morris and Bradley S. Carroll[TLC]

This Week's Searches and Activities:
The weekly theme at hpgw100 is free
Signsup for Author and Artist open at heroinebigbang on January 20

This Week's Fics:
Eccentric by Northumbrian[H/G-FG]
Purple Haze,The Lonely ones bylunalovespotter[Non canon:R/H,Lavender&George/Luna-NC-17]
More than a timepiece by totdesidero[Molly/Arthur-PG]

Breaking the rulesbydoraeazure[H/G-G]

This Week's Fanart:
Harry and Ginny by talita-rj[G]
RxH by irenukia[G]
James,Hugo, Al by themasmuggle[G]
HarryxGinny by marigolade-69[PG]
Hermione at the yule ball by someonetorelyon[G]

This Week's Icons and Multimedia:
12 HP icons by broken_toy79
12 Emma Waston icons by daiani
20 HP icons by lastyearwishes[multi-fandom]
12 icons& 1 banner by forever_a_fan

This Week’s Recs:
Rose/Hermione:here at crack_broom
H/G rec:here at crack_broom
Rose/Scorpius:here at crack_broom
R/Hr rec:here atcrack_broom

Editor’s Pick:
Art:Daddy's girl by cinnamon-lady24[Ron and Rose-G]

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Harry and Ginny winter

January 8, 2011: Issue 207

This Week’s News:
- Helena Bonham Carter receives a CBE. [TLC]
- New “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” For Your Consideration Promos. [TLC]
- “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” nominated for Excellence in Production Design Award. [TLC]
- “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” makes Oscar Visual Effects Award Shortlist. [TLC]
- BAFTA Longlist Released “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” Contender in 11 Categories. [TLC]
- Dan Radcliffe Interviewed by Parade Magazine. [TLC]
- “Deathly Hallows: Part 2 wins a Golden Tomato Award. [TLC]
- Video: “The Woman in Black” set interview. [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
- The monthly theme at hpgw_drabbles is The Mirror of Erised.
- The weekly theme at hpgw100 is shooting star.
- The monthly theme at catchmysnitch is Odgen’s Old Firewhisky.
- The weekly prompt at hpthemes is holidays.
- nextgen_mas posted their fest reveals.
- smutty_claus has a modpost and masterlist.

This Week’s Fics:
- If I Knew Then, Crazy Girl, Just a Kiss and We Owned the Night by bryonieanne. [R/Hr - PG]
- A Problem of Professors by mollywheezy. [Neville/Hannah – PG-13]
- It takes two by northumbrian. [H/G - PG]

- Mistletoe by vickystarfish. [H/G - PG]
- Winter Kiss by racing_rain. [H/G - PG]
- Thoughts of Home by doraeazure. [H/G - G]
- If at first you don’t succeed… by mollywheezy. [R/Hr - PG]
- Winter’s Flight by dukebrymin. [H/G - G]
- Slowly Appearing by dukebrymin. [H/G - G]

WIP Updates:
- Not As Originally Planned: Part 1 through Part 3 by [info]mollywheezy. [Rose/Scorpius - R]

This Week’s Fanart:
- World on Fire by privatesundays. [H/G - G]
- Feelings I can’t hide by privatesundays. [H/G - G]
- The Mirror of Erised by blindbandit5 [H/G - PG]
- Tell me what you want to hear by moonylady [Bill/Fleur - PG]
- Snow by Melleh17 [R/Hr - PG]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:
- Video: Rupert&Emma by dazzleme7. [vid]
- Video: Ron/Hermione - Yellow by bombonrosa. [R/Hr vid]

Editor’s Pick:
- Art: BHWF by ullakko. [Weasley Family - G]
- Vid: For all of time by dazzleme7. [R/Hr]

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December 11, 2011:Issue 205

This Week’s News:
Pottermore Insider Updates with Harry Potter Reading Survey[TLC]
Daniel Radcliffe Named 'Entertainer of the Year' by Entertainment Weekly[TLC]
Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Shortlisted for Visual Effects Oscar[TLC]
Harry Potter Series Given Special Award from AFI[TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
The weekly theme at
hpgw100 is holly

This Week’s Fics:
Words That We’ve Borrowed by anonymous[R/Hr,H/G-PG]
Baby makes three by Baby Boomer[R/Hr-GP]
Fred and George's Busy day by Northumbarian[Fred,George-FG]

WIP Updates:
For the love of family:Chapter 38 by arnel[H/G-T]
The Waiting Place:Chapter 11by kariann1222[R/Hr-M]

A Bright Decision bydoraeazure[H/G-G]
Announcement bygreeneyed79[H/G-G]
Whoops bygreeneyed79[H/G-G]
Daddy’s Worst Nightmare bydoraeazure[H/G-G]
Untitled bydanfan74[H/G-G]

This Week’s Fanart:
Moments under the autumn tree by anonymous [H/G-PG]
Friendship never ends by JannyNortham[Ron,Harry-G]
Ginny and Harry by Disney-Sarah[G]
Ginny by gtsie[G]
To be weak by loveisonthemove3710[Rose/Scorpius-G]
All's fair in love and war by thaiselemos[R/Hr-G]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:
32 Harry Potter icons bypaw_print_pics[Multi-fandom]
25 Deathly Hallows Part 2 icons byashooles

Editor’s Pick:
Art:When Molly met Arthur by Andreaxxx[Arthur,Molly-G]
Art:Catch the sky,Rose byMaryKav[Ron,Rose-G]

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Harry and Ginny winter

December 4, 2011: Issue 204

This Week’s News:

- Second Harry Potter Theme Park slated for Universal Studios Hollywood. [TLC]
- Deathly Hallows Part 2 Soundtrack nominated for a Grammy. [TLC]
- WB Considering Theatrical Re-release of “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” in NYC and LA. [TLC]
- Harrods Blu-Ray and DVD Launch Interview and Transcript. [TLC]
- Cast Sum Up Harry Potter in Two Words, Behind the Scenes Look at Stunts. [TLC]
- Pottermore offline for a week starting Dec. 3rd. [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
- The weekly theme at hpgw190</lj> hpgw100 is sparkle.
- The December Challenge at hpgw_drabbles is song fics.
- The December Challenge at catchmysnitch is nargles.

This Week’s Fics:
- Chasing Ghosts by Anon. [H/G – PG-13]
- Understanding the Duplicitous Nature of Chest Monsters by Anon. [H/G - PG]
- The Little Box at the Bottom of the Drawer by Anon. [H/G – PG-13]
- The Proposal by Anon. [Bill/Fleur - R]
- Winterlude by Anon. [Rose/Scorpius - R]
- I Told You So by aggiebell90. [H/G - PG]

- Aftermath by doraezure</lj>. [H/G - G]
- Sneaking Around by greeneyed79. [H/G - PG]

This Week’s Fanart:
- Not alone when you’re here with me by ifroggirl [GEN - G]
- Ron and Hermione: It’s only love by lillywmv. [R/Hr - PG]
- The Silver Trio by Whisperwings. [GEN - G]
- It’s leviosa by AmeliaJo. [R/Hr - G]
- I luv u by ifroggirl. [R/Hr - PG]
- Butterbeer Corks and Cats by Autobotrevolt219. [Ginny - G]
- Harry and Ginny by TwinkleGotMad. [H/G - PG]
- HP Girls by TottieWoodstock. [GEN - G]
- Photographs by anon. [H/G - PG]
- Surprise in Hogsmeade by Anon. [H/G - G]
- Sidetracked by Anon. [H/G - R]

Editor’s Pick:
- Fic: The Weasley Tree by anon. [H/G - PG]
- Art: Not alone when you’re here with me by ifroggirl [GEN - G]
- Vid: HP Character Study by theslugclub [GEN]

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DH Kiss
  • mkesa

November 27, 2011: Issue 203

This Week’s News:
- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" Wins at the 2011 Children's BAFTAs. [TLC]
- Oscars: "Harry Potter" harbors legitimate Best Picture dreams. [Hollywood News]
- Videos: Rupert Grint races the track at Top Gear Live 2011. [SS]
- Video: Behind the Scenes Look at Ron/Hermione Kiss. [SS]
- Video: 'A Tribute to Dobby' feature with new Daniel Radcliffe, Toby Jones interviews. [SS]
- J.K. Rowling Gives Evidence at Leveson Inquiry. [TLC]
- Pottermore Insider Updates with Art from Chapter Two. [TLC]
- Emma Watson at "My Week with Marilyn" Premiere. [TLC]
- When Harry Left Hogwarts Documentary Now Online. [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
- The weekly theme at hpgw100 is Invisible.
- Signups for bill_ficathon’s 2011 Exchange Fest will be open thru December 12th.

This Week’s Fics:
- Autumn Leaves by Anon. [H/G, R/Hr, others - Adult]
- Strange How We Know Each Other by Anon. [H/G - PG]
- History by Anon. [H/G – PG13]
- The Best Laid Plans by Anon. [Various Pairings - PG]
- Making a Moment by Anon. [H/G - PG]

- Invisible by vickystarfish. [H/G - G]
- Invisible Presents by writetress. [H/G - G]
- Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice by doraeazure. [H/G - G]
- Head Over Heels by greeneyed79. [H/G - PG]
- Enraptured by vickystarfish. [H/G, Luna - G]
- Shout it to the World by doraeazure. [H/G - G]

WIP Updates:
- A Less-Than-Perfect Love: Chapter 24 by RSS. [H/G - Teens]
- For Love of Family: Chapter 33 by Arnel. [H/G - Teens]
- After the Flaw: Finale by KanedaX. [Various - R]

This Week’s Fanart:
- Sorting: Rose, Hugo, Roxanne by leochi.
- Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter by B-a-h-a-a.
- Ginny by AmeliaJo.
- Weasley Bros, I’m not him by walterka. [Twins, George/Angelina]
- Charlie Weasley by LilChimp.
- A Weasley Visit by PigwidgeonofNarnia. [Various]
- Winter Kisses by Aerie-Faerie. [R/Hr]
- Fred being mourned, Roxanne and Fred by Hillary-CW.
- Don't be ridiculous by blindbandit5. [Trio]
- Ron and His Radio by Scherzi.
- Quidditch Ginny by dreamoforange.
- Summer Kiss in the Park by MieeWeasley. [R/Hr]
- Christmas Sleepy Heads and My Flowers by Yelnatz. [Weasleys, Bill/Fleur]
- Ron art dump by Disneyfan7.
- Harry and his valentine by ladama-llama. [H/G]
- Molly Prewitt by DanaeNRies.
- How Ginny should have looked by viria13.
- UP by sursova. [Ron]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:-
- 20 Trio icons by stepinsidelove.
- Sky’s still blue by ebonygarden. [R/Hr - Fanvid]
- 118 HP Movies and Cast icons by fancifull.

This Week’s Recs:
- H/G Art recs: here , here at crack_broom.
- George/Luna Art rec at crack_broom.

Editor’s Pick:
- Harry Potter translations go online.
- Art: I already LOVE these guys, Georgie by viria13. [G]
- Art: Thankful by flourish1. [H/G, R/Hr]

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November 20, 2011:Issue 202

This Week’s News:
Leaky's Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration Red Carpet Interviews Now Online[TLC]
10 Year Anniversary of "Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone" Movie Release[TLC]
Best Buy Hosting Pre-Black Friday Screenings of "Deathly Hallows: Part 2"[TLC
David Heyman Comments on Possible Theme Park Expansion[TLC

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
The weekly theme at hptheme is non-magical universe
The weekly theme at hpgw100 is Anticipation
hg_seasons_mods started posted the giftsHere

This Week’s Fics:
It have always been Ginny byspaceshuttleto[H/G-PG]

Harry Potter bywritetress[H/G-G]
3 H/G drabbles byvickystarfish[H/G-G]
The waiting game bydoraeazure[H/G-G]
Wedding Anticipations>bygreeneyed79[H/G-PG]

WIP Updates:
For love the familyChapter 31 by arneal[H/G-T]

This Week’s Fanart:
Harry Kissed Her byfb066[H/G,Ron,Hermione-PG-13]
Harry P. and Ginny W. by majagantzi
Weasley family by oceaneyes756
The alternative trio by Hilary-CW[Rose,Scorpius,Al-G]
Ron and Hermione by zachansonfan
Fred and George by darknight35
I'm here by KPS-forever[R/Hr-PG]
Hermione's first by image-inator
Lasts a lifetime by weaslee[Ron,Harry-G]
Like a book that is waiting to be read by zachansonfan[R/Hr-G]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:
20 Harry potter icons bymallowz
21 Harry Potter icons bycausticammo

This Week’s Recs:
H/G rec:here,here atcrack_broom
R/Hr rec:here,here at crack_broom

Editor’s Pick:
Art:Commission by Hillary-CW[R/HR-PG]
Art:Summer at the Burrow by Agathum[Trio,Ginny-G]

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viria13 - trio

November 6, 2011: Issue 201

This Week’s News:

- Video: Behind the scenes look, “Ride Along Memory Lane”. [SS]
- Video: JKR talks of McGonagall and Snape. [TLC]
- JKR on the fates of Lupin and Hagrid. [TLC]
- Video: The actors from Deathly Hallows on their favorite props and sets. [SS]
- Video: Deathly Hallows Blue-Ray Maximum Movie Mode. [SS]
- JK Rowling buries time capsule as MS Clinic in Edinburgh. [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
- The weekly theme at hpgw100</lj> is awkward.
- The monthly theme at hpgw_drabbles is "The thing about growing up with Fred and George," said Ginny thoughtfully, "is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.".
- The November Challenge prompt at catchmysnitch is Skele-Gro.
- mini_fest has extended signups.
- rs_games has posted an anonymous masterlist voting is still open.

This Week’s Fics:
- Sky, Sea, Veins and Other Misconceptions of Blue by solstice_muse. [R/Hr - R]

- Haunted Halloween by greeneyed79. [H/G - G]
- Batty by writetress. [H/G - G]
- Quidditch by danfan74. [H/G - G]
- Multi-hued by dukebrymin. [H/G - G]
- On the potential of gaining wisdom by dukebrymin. [H/G - G]
- The Old Ball and Chain by doraeazure. [H/G - G]
- Their First by danfan74. [H/G - G]
- Unexpected Help by danfan74. [H/G - G]

WIP Updates:
- A Less Than Perfect Love: Chapter 23 by RSS. [H/G – PG-13]
- For Love of Family: Chapter 31 by arnel. [H/G – PG-13]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:
- Vid: Ron & Hermione – Fix You by dazzleme7 [R/Hr vid]
- Vid: Harry Potter – Open at the Close by Grable424. [ DH2 vid ]
- Vid: You are not alone in this by dazzleme7 [DH2 vid]

This Week’s Recs:
- H/G recs: here, here and here at crack_broom.
- R/Hr recs: here, here and here at crack_broom.
- Rose/Scorpius recs: here, here and here at crack_broom.

Editor’s Pick:
- Vid: Never Fall Away by Grable424 [HP Vid ]

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October 30, 2011: Issue 200

Happy Halloween everyone!

This Week’s News:
- New Ron & Hermione Deathly Hallows: Part 2 epilogue promo, studio shots & film stills. [SS]
- Video: New behind-the-scenes feature on the Weasley family in Harry Potter films. [SS]
- Video: New behind-the-scenes look at Aberforth Dumbledore in Deathly Hallows: Part 2. [SS]
- BTS: Molly Weasley's Famous Line, Dumbledore and Harry's Relationship. [TLC]
- International Territories to be Unaffected by Harry Potter DVD Pull. [TLC]
- December 29th Last Day WB will Ship Current Harrry Potter Film Titles. [TLC]
- Video: JK Rowling Discusses the Possibility of Killing Ron While Writing Series. [TLC]
- Pottermore Beta Testing Period Extended. [TLC]
- Pottermore Insider Reveals Making of Hufflepuff and Slytherin Crests. [TLC]
- "Brooms Up!" Quidditch Documentary. [TLC]
- "The Love Life of Ron Weasley" Video Unlocked on Harry Potter: The Quest. [TLC]
- Harry Potter Pop-Up Shop Opens at Harrods. [TLC]
- Tom Felton attends 2011 Hollywood Film Awards, HP Cast featured in FAULT magazine. [SS]
- Early Review: Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey. [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
No happenings this week …

This Week’s Fics:
- Orange Nightmare by Anon. [R/Hr - PG]
- Today by tmblue. [R/Hr - M]

- Ghosts by exartemarte. [H/G - PG]
- Ghostly Help by greeneyed79. [H/G - PG]
- Invisible by iphifix. [H/G - PG]

WIP Updates:
- For Love and Family: Chapter 30 by Arnel [H/G - Teens]

This Week’s Fanart:
- That Weasley … by anacookie. [Ron]
- Ron Weasley Portrait by kina.
- Is He... Flirting? by missxdelaney. [H/G]
- A Girl? by silohettekitty. [Weasleys]
- Magic Book by Ninidu. [Trio]
- LOL by PauPaufg. [Twins, Lee Jordan]
- After Battle and First Dance by Catching-Smoke. [H/G, Bill/Fleur]
- Fred & George and Ginny by Marigolade-69. [Twins, Ginny]
- She’s Like The Sunset by AniFay. [Ginny]
- Flourish and Blotts by stravaganzette. [Ginny]
- First Smile by mandibrandybuck. [R/Hr, Rose]
- Weatherby by AgneHalf. [Percy, Crouch]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:-
- 35 HP icons by gothrockrulz.
- 45 HP icons & 10 Headers by graphisize.
- 20 DH1 icons & 6 banners by paw_print_pics.

This Week’s Recs:
- H/G fic rec at crack_broom.
- R/Hr fic rec at crack_broom.
- Rose/Scorpius recs: here, here and here at crack_broom.

Editor’s Pick:
- Fic: A New Dawn by crepecon. [H/G - PG]
- Drabble: Forbidden by doraeazure. [H/G - G]
- Art: A Very Weasley Halloween by RLKarnes. [R/Hr, Rose, Hugo - G]

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