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OBHWF Weekly
Your Source For Everything Weasley!
December 18, 2011: Issue 206 
18th-Dec-2011 08:00 pm
This Week’s News:
Harry Potter Series Given Special Award from AFI [TLC]
New Deathly Hallows 1 & 2 movie stills, on-set photos, studio shots, FYC awards ad [SS]
Harry Potter set designer & decorator talk Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Gringotts scene [SS]
Newly-edited montage of Harry Potter cast's fond farewell to series [SS]
Alan Rickman Voted Broadway's Sexiest Man, Interview with NPR [TLC]

This Week’s Searches and Activities:
 smutty_claus, interhouse_fest and nextgen_mas are still posting.
hg_seasonsfest has finished posting.
Prompt claiming is closed at wizard_love.

This Week’s Fics:
Arriving by equinox_blue [R/H- PG-13]
White Lies and Black Truths by solstice_muse [Gen: R/H-Rose- PG-13]

Santa Baby by elle_blessing [Non Canon: Fred/Hermione, PG-13]
Practice by musings_by_mama [R/H- PG]
Garland with Holly by luna_plath [H/G-G]
Clear Signal by greeneyed79 [H/G- G]

This Week’s Icons and Multimedia:
20 Ron Weasley icons by brazen_water
53 Harry Potter and Cast Icons by nailbites
45 Harry Potter Icons by youcallitwinter
11 Harry Potter and Cast Icons by wingofsilence

From The Vault:
Fic: Dinner Man by hondagirl [Rose/Scorpius, PG, AU]

As always, please send all OBHWF related news to obhwf.weekly[at]gmail[dot]com.
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