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August 20: Issue 21

This Week's News


This Week's Discussion

This Week's Searches and Activities

corkart is a new community for reallycorking’s wonderful art.
hgerisedmirror (A H/G fansite) has started a fan art contest running through October 14th.
hpgw100 announced the new drabble theme: Truth
vidfinders is a new community for finding fan-made vids.
This Week's Art

mudblood428 drew Letters to Ginny. [H/G, G]
mayflo drew Ron. [G]
reallycorking drew OotP’s Doxy Scene. [Twins, Trio, Ginny, G]
cugami drew Ron.  [G]
andreanna drew Intangible for smut_wednesday. [R/Hr, NWS]
sun_chan drew Bored. [Ginny, G]
scarletautumn drew Inevitability. [R/Hr, G]
RainboBriteStar posted Weasley is our king. [G]
This Week’s Vault Items
Ron’s Bear by Cugami. [G]

This Week's Fic

clevermonikerr wrote HP meme. [G] 
belovedranger wrote Now You Know. [R/Hr, NC-17, LR] 
alloy_ wrote Midnight Confessions. [R/Hr, PG-13]
shocolate wrote Ron’s Favorite Things. [R/Hr, NC-17, LR]
Slayerette updated Those Choices you have to Live With. [H/G, NC-17, LR]
almond_joyz wrote Accidental Magic. [H/G, PG-13]
Antosha wrote Out of Body. [Luna, G]


News? Send us an owl at obhwf.weekly [at] gmail [dot] com
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