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OBHWF Weekly

Your Source For Everything Weasley!

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Hello and welcome to OBHWF Weekly, your weekly source for all things Weasley!

This weekly newsletter is mainly dedicated to various romantic pairings within the Weasley family, its central focus being the pairings of Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny.

This community is maintained and moderated by: mkesa, julieweasely, ladywhizbee and xxx_angelin_xxx.

All questions and comments can be sent to the moderators by sending us an owl here, or by commenting on entries in the community.

As a side note, OBHWF stands for One Big Happy Weasley Family. Hope that clears up any confusion!

Content is chosen weekly by the maintainers. Reader submissions are always accepted, so if you have a recommendation for the newsletter, feel free to send us an owl.

Every posting by the maintainers will include the following categories: (for more information see here)

News: News pertaining to JKR, the actors that portray the characters in the films, or anything else news-related to the characters in OBHWF.
Discussion: Essays, parodies, movie/book reviews.
Searches and Activities: New communities, community news, users searching for topics related to OBHWF, etc.
Art: Any form of art (drawings, icons, manips, etc.) related to OBHWF.
Fic: Well-written stories, drabbles, poems, etc. related to OBHWF.
From The Vault: Old favorites (art, fic, etc.) related to OBWHF.
Editor's Pick: A favorite fic, fan art or essay chosen by one of the maintainers.

obhwf_weekly's watcher journal is obhwf_watcher.
If you would like us to add your journal or community, please leave a comment here.

Please follow the following rules to help OBHWF Weekly run as smoothly as possible:

-Please avoid netspeak in your comments. The moderators would prefer not to spend ten minutes trying to decipher what you mean.
-Please be aware that all recommendations in this community are related to the pairings included in OBHWF. No ship-bashing is allowed.
-Please be considerate of the work of others. No flaming is allowed.
-Please submit your own recommendations to the community maintainers. It helps keep the community alive and running!


If you would like to become an affiliate of OBHWF Weekly, please owl us or contact one of the Mod's below. We accept affiliations from any Harry Potter related communities that deal in some way with the Weasley family.

Here's a bit of background information on the fabulous team at obhwf_weekly :)

LJ username: __spilled__ink (Community Founder)
Name: Katie
Personal website: My Collected Fan Fiction
Location: Michigan, US
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Harry/Ginny

LJ username: mkesa
Name: Monica
Contact: staff email or personal address.
Personal website: Fave Fics Archive
Location: Georgia, US
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Canon: Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny.
Non-Canon: Ron/Draco, Ron/Harry, Charlie/Hermione, Charlie/Anyone.

LJ username: julieweasely
Name: Julie
Contact: staff email or personal address.
Personal website: LJ
Location: New York, US
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Ron/Hermione, Ginny/Harry.

LJ username: ladywhizbee
Name: Meredith
Contact: staff email or personal address.
Personal website: LJ
Location: : Virginia, USA
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Ginny/Harry, Ron/Hermione.

LJ username: xxx_angelin_xxx
Name: Angie
Contact: staff email or PM.
Personal website: My LJ
Location: Greece
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Ron/Hermione.
Non-Canon: Rose/Scorpius.

LJ username: g3smaps
Name: Mariana
Contact: staff email or personal address.
Location: Lima, Peru
Favorite OBHWF Ship: Ron/Hermione

LJ username: midnight_birth
Name: Margot
Contact: staff email or personal address.
Personal website: My Livejournal
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada.
Favorite OBHWF ship: Canon: Ron/Hermione and Bill/Fleur.
Non-Canon: Percy/Hermione, Percy/Sirius and Charlie/Harry.

LJ Username: hpuckle
Name: Toni
Personal Website: My Fanfiction
Location: England, UK
Favourite OBHWF Ship: Ron/Hermione = ♥

Community icons courtesy of aery and tante_in_hp.

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